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May 23, 2022

Trauma can affect us for many years. In order to move forward in a powerful and freeing way it is necessary to overcome what triggers us.

In this episode my guest Danielle Bernock shares her S.E.L.F. process she uses with clients to help them get the courage to overcome fear, face whatever they need to face, and to keep...

May 16, 2022

During this episode, my guest Daniel Sih discusses how to rest, think and pray to allow space to reframe the way we shape our lives, and how to do so.

We cover:

--Why we must die to the things that worked in the past

--The importance of moving when the spirit moves and not based on strategy

--Much more...

Links and...

Apr 17, 2022

During this episode, my guest John Jarman discusses how we can give up control of our lives to God and the benefits of doing so.

We cover:

--The importance of self examination that draws you closer to God

--How shame, guilt and resentment create a war in our brains, blocks our paths and relationship with God


Mar 19, 2022

During this episode, my guest Sue Corl discusses how our lives can be ruled by lies and how to be sure while you make be broken you can be undefeated.

We cover:

--How to uncover how your uniqueness will serve a purpose

--How to use your testimony to bring healing to others

--How to identify the clues and patterns in...

Mar 6, 2022

Everything in our life happens for a purpose and to push us into our purpose. In this episode, my guest Trisha Campbell shares how we receive grace for our calling in the midst of unnerving situations.

We cover:

--How God uses who we already are to usher us into our calling

--How anger and frustration are clues to...